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Discussion in ' Spoilers ' started by Midnight RainDec 8, Log in. Novel Updates Forum. Tags: overgeared question spoiler. LordKarsus likes this. Was this a real resurrection? The Guardian Gods were protectors of humanity. He had seen the effects of the Red Phoenix's restoration. Then what was this? The Zodiac had said that the Black Turtle was the purest of Gods. It protected nature and destroyed artificial things for humanity's sake.

Droplets of black water filled the air. They saw the blonde knight now only wearing an ordinary shirt, leggings, shoulder guards and boots. That didn't make sense. When the black droplets touched the blonde knight, his shirt was destroyed leaving him half naked. The other pieces started to melt but then recovered. And then started to melt again, but then they recovered So take off your gear and run!

Why are you helping us all of a sudden? They must've been brought by the Heavenly Call as he had once been. There was no need for them to suffer. But his power was no match for a God's. The Mask peeled off as a result of the decline in durability. And many of them felt angry. Bubat, Shane. I forget what their names are supposed to be in RT's translation What they had in common was that they had fought Grid and been repeatedly beaten by him. He was both an object of envy and their goal.

And he had decided to become stronger.Whether it is people or object, a good appearance is an easy way to build up favor. They paid attention to their hair style and attire, and could spend hundreds of millions of won on luxury goods and plastic surgery. In fact, when a person judged an object, appearance was an important concept that they looked at first. When Grid thought about it, he heard rumors that the hidden class Skin Maker, the user was making a killing when it came to money.

overgeared 1000

It only changed the appearance of an item, not the performance, but there were many people who paid big money to look more beautiful. As a representative of the United States, Hurent would participate in the National Competition, compete against Grid and win this time.

Your skills are very suitable for field work.

overgeared 1000

Do you want to work with me a little longer? He was a wicked person who kidnapped Hurent, but Hurent knew how much the value of the hidden quest was worth. Should he leave Piaro right away to dream of revenge on Grid, or get stronger by staying near Piaro and then get revenge on Grid?

overgeared 1000

He was convinced that he was stronger than Grid when he invaded Reidan with Prince Ren, but not anymore. But there are many people stronger than you. How do you compare to My Lord? Of course, My Lord is stronger than you. He tried so hard for Reidan that his revenge on Grid was in vain. They were the strongest players in the top 30 of the unified rankings and also participants of the 2nd National Competition.

The seven guilds were once an object of fear, and now they were made fun of. Only the Overgeared Guild was the best. It was a competition in which countries fought against each other.

The members of Overgeared were divided into several nationalities, so it would be very difficult to only be hostile to Overgeared. In addition, Grid is Korean.

We must thoroughly shatter South Korea. Zibal was certain because he had items made by Panmir, the 1st ranked blacksmith, in his inventory.Overgeared is an online light web novel written by Park Saenal first released in the year The novel is ongoing right now with more than chapters released with many more to be added.

Shin Youngwoo was a man living in Korea with nothing interesting in his life. He lived a below average life, in which he worked full time as a worker carrying bricks on construction sites in the game.

He even had to do labor in a VR game to keep the wheels turning. And this how Shin starts his journey of becoming a legendary class player. Right off the bat, we can tell this is a story for more amateur and novice readers than for an enthusiast to recommend.

This is because the plot of the story is very straightforward and predictable. Nevertheless, the story tries to keep a good blend of reality and fiction which is the game.

The most notable thing about the novel is how effectively it builds and develops the main character as the novel grows in continuing chapters. Read More About Overgeared. Home Action Overgeared. Your Rating. Author s. Park Saenal. Artist s. Genre s. Read First Read Last. Show more.The Mightiest Leveling System Chapter President Daddy's Excessive Love Chapter The Ultimate Student Chapter Supreme Conquering System Chapter World Defying Dan God Chapter Overgeared summary: Overgeared summary is updating.

Come visit Novelonlinefree. If you have any question about this novel, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it. Overgeared Chapters Time uploaded. Chapter Apr Chapter Mar Chapter Chapter Feb Chapter Jan Chapter 51 Jan Chapter May Chapter Part5 May Chapter 21 May Chapter Dec Chapter Nov Chapter 99 Nov Chapter 98 Nov Chapter 97 Nov Chapter 96 NovThey ridiculed King Wiesbaden and the nobles, stating that they were raising dogs instead of recruiting soldiers.

Rather, they were strong. The evidence was that the Eternal Kingdom had maintained its position of neutrality for many years. The golem army was unreasonably strong.

Huroi, Lauel, Euphemina and Grid.


Grid already had powerful users and he absorbed the Tzedakah Guild while the world was watching. The soldiers and residents gave quests to join the restoration work. However, the th ranked Happy ignored them and headed towards the royal palace. Thousands of users were gathered in a huge training ground.


It was a small number considering thatusers gathered in Reinhardt. It was hard. I want to thank you on behalf of the kingdom. You will be awarded with gold and kingdom contribution.

The users were quite satisfied. Sometimes, they looked with envy as a party that killed more than two old golems appeared. Sir Happy! You took on an old golem and soul doll alone?

You will be awarded with 1, gold and kingdom contribution. I am grateful for your defense of the kingdom. At this moment, the king was paying direct attention to Grid. Happy was restless. He wanted to log out and watch the awards ceremony on TV.

A person who had already died for hundreds of years had moved golems that caused a kingdom to fall into crisis. But why did he invade the Eternal Kingdom? Due to that damn crazy magician, Sehee and his father-in-law almost died. It was unbelievable that they had just suffered from an invasion and lost family and friends.

Grid was impressed by how strong their minds were. Grid was proud of the soldiers who did their duty. At this moment, he felt a sense of gratitude to the Korean soldiers who were suffering to defend the country.

I wish we could be unified. Grid walked straight through with an upright posture. He had great physical strength and concentration due to his stats, so dignity radiated from him.

Sorting out an Overgeared Land Rover - A Technical Help Video

The king seated on the throne and the nobles gulped.Shin Youngwoo has had an unfortunate life and is now stuck carrying bricks on construction sites. He even had to do labor in the VR game, Satisfy! However, luck would soon enter his hapless life. His character, 'Grid', would discover the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find 'Pagma's Rare Book' and become a legendary class player….

Overgeared In watch list: [saved]. No Description. Description: [edit] [history]. List Stats: 5 people follow this series. Translated OEL Translated. Demographic: [edit] [history]. Type: [edit] [history]. Country of Origin: [edit] [history].

Korea China Japan Korea Unknown. Status in Country of Origin: [edit] [history]. Original Language: [edit] [history]. General Type: [edit] [history]. Eastern Western Eastern Unknown. Licensed in english : [edit] [history]. Yes No Yes Unknown. Author s : [edit] [history].As soon as she heard the news, Jishuka rushed to Khan's smithy from Winston Castle. She imagined that Grid would be very frustrated by the Awakened Guardian of the Forest.

She judged that it was a perfect opportunity to teach Grid about refusing even the basic communications and to fix his habit of doing personal actions.

But what was this? Why are you here? I suffered because it was a bit too strong. With no more than two knights and soldiers? It seemed like a lie. Jishuka dubiously opened the guild information window. Then she checked Grid's level. Grid had been level just yesterday, and now he was level The fact that he succeeded in the Awakened Guardian of the Forest raid wasn't false.

She knew that the legendary class, Pagma's Descendant was fraudulent. Apart from having a legendary blacksmith skill, Grid could demonstrate a level of combat similar to rare combat classes and could wear any equipment. Just that. That alone was a scam. However, the fraudulent legendary class was more than her imagination.

She calculated that it was impossible to defeat the awakened guardian with the current power of the Tzedakah Guild. But Grid succeeded in the raid alone. Jishuka was mistaken. Reality was different. The reason that Grid could take care of the awakened guardian relatively easily was thanks to pavranium and Braham's Boots. He was able to win because he blocked the guardian's attacks with the pavranium, then he attacked the defenseless guardian from the air.

What if Grid fought against the entire guild? He couldn't shield himself from all the attacks with just two pieces of pavranium, and he wouldn't be able to defend against firepower in the sky. There was the five seconds of invulnerability, but that couldn't last long against so many people.

The Tzedakah Guild were powerful and composed of a variety of classes, allowing them various tactical combinations. It would be too much for Grid alone to overwhelm the Tzedakah Guild.

But Jishuka didn't know the details and misunderstood Grid. Isn't it at the level of a bug?



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