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Even i love writing this mantra. You'll get peace of mind if u write or chant this. Om Namah Shivaya. Om Parvati byam namah. I will start it from tomorrow morning with clean mind with my inner self! Lots of love to shiv ji. Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah shivaya Om namah.

Hello I'm Mark from Malaysia. Keep in the temple? Can anyone advice me pls. Hi, u have to give those books To Jangama muttwhere u can find guruji tomb,it gives us rtos tutorial pdf positive energy, I got this advise from one of the Guruji.

In which live work space to rent can i write in tamil or english i only know this two language only. My Sivaji. My own Sivaji After finish writing on namah shivaya what I have to do keep it with me? R in Temple Om namah shivay with doshi dhrumit. But what is your ask me doshi dhrumit?

What is region? I suggested doshi dhrumit? Doshi dhrumit on Writing Om namah shivay Mahamantra Benefits. Om namah shivay is great mantra of mahadev. Mahadev is ultimate creator of life, energy and world with everything that we can imagine.

It is related with omnipresence God shiva. We can write it whenever we have time. It is written times to please Lord shiva. We can even write mantra times to get blessing of Lord Shiva. Om Namah Shivay is incredible and life changing mantra.It is one of the most important mantras in Shaivism and equally powerful Hindu Mantra.

Om Namah Shivaya mantra literally goes back to thousands of years and is mentioned in Yajurveda in the Shri Rudram hymn. Om — Before there was the universe, there was void of pure existence and vibrationless. Out of this void came vibration, which is known as Om. Then slowly the creation of the universe began. These five components manifest the absolute of the universe according to Hindu philosophy. It has a lot to do with survival issues on an emotional level, the right to belong and to have.

It is found at the base of the spine between the anus and genitals. It is located a little below the navel. The element is air. This chakra is the first to move beyond the lower three densities of the animal soul and allows an opening to love, the right to love and be loved. It often deals with issues around expression, the right to speak and be heard. There are no rituals or ceremonies involved with this Om Namah Shivaya mantrajust a simple chant, and concentration. You can practice this mantra anywhere.

Just you require being attentive, focused and have straight body structure. Repeating the mantra over and over again leads you to more deep concentration. But to gain the true benefits of the mantra, you will have to visualize your surrender to your inner self while chanting the mantra. Traditionally it is repeated times a day while keeping count on a strand of rudraksha beads. Chanting Om Namah Shivaya leads you to the transcendental mode.

Its significance is vast as it heals your toxic emotions and thoughts accumulated through different difficulties and the bad environment in life. As you chant you are sending positive energy to the Cosmos, which will reciprocate by sending you back in ten folds. Some of them are highlighted below. In the chant, the energy starts in the highest center, resting in the source and then dips down and rises up, purifying the five elementsthe 7 chakrasand the emotional issues surrounding them.He remains as one among the trinity of Gods who perform the 3 fundamental functions of the universe — creation, protection, and destruction.

Though Shiva is regarded as the God of destruction or dissolution, he terminates only to refresh, rejuvenate, and recreate. Shiva is a compassionate God, who can be easily pleased by virtuous behavior and sincere devotion.

And once he gets pleased with a devotee, there can virtually be no end to the benefits that he can heap on him and add to his life. Hence it is no surprise that Lord Shiva remains one of the very well worshipped Gods of our land, where innumerable temples have been constructed for him, and rituals and prayers are conducted in his honor. There are innumerable Mantras, Slokas, or hymns addressed to him, but Om Namah Shivaya remains perhaps as the most fundamental of those dedicated to this supreme divinity.

And this Mantra also happens to be one of the most important and powerful ones used in Shiva worship. This is a very ancient prayer that is in practice for thousands of years. While this Mantra is recited with great devotion and faith throughout the length and breadth of our vast land, people also chant it with slight variations, such as Om Namasivaya, or Omnamasivaya, depending on the uniqueness of the tradition and language of a particular region.

Let us try to understand the Om Namah Shivaya Mantra in greater depth now. It is said that before the creation of the universe, there was nothing but a void there. And Om emerged out of this void as the first vibration and a precursor to creation that soon followed. This is said to signify the Pancha Bhoota Tatva, the phenomenon of the five fundamental elements of nature — the earth, water, fire, air, and space- that make up the universe.

This also signifies the philosophical principle that the universe with all its diversities remains a single entity and that its consciousness is one, which is divine.

Our bodies consist of many Chakras, which can be defined as energy centers. Of these, 7 are considered very important and are known as the primary Chakras. And Namaha Shivaya is associated with 5 of these.

The Muladhara Chakra or the Root Chakra is located at the base of the spinal cord and signifies earthiness, solidity, and emotional survival and stability. Above this, is the Swadhishtana Chakra or the Sacral Chakra, located slightly below the navel region, and representing the element, water. This is located above the navel region, represents fire, and stands for personal power.

Anahata, the Heart Chakra, is the fourth in the order of primary Chakras and is located at the heart center.

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With air as its element, it helps human beings rise above animal instincts, and opens the doors for the noble feeling of love. This energy center is associated with space and deals with speech, and expression and the Mantra can stimulate it to better effectiveness.Namah Shivaya means "O salutations to the auspicious one! It is called Siva Panchaksharaor Shiva Panchakshara or simply Panchakshara meaning the "five-syllable" mantra viz.

This mantra is present in the Shri Rudram hymn which is part of the Krishna Yajurveda. Each chapter consist of eleven anuvaka or hymns. Name of both chapters are Namakam chapter five and Chamakam chapter seven respectively. This mantra also appears in the Rudrashtadhyayia part of the Shukla Yajurveda. In the Rudrashtadhyayithe mantra appears in the 5th chapter also known as Namakam verse Its total meaning is that "universal consciousness is one". In Shaiva Siddhanta, the five letters also represent: [9].

His navel is the letter Ma. His radiant cranial center aloft is Ya. Thus is the five-lettered form of Shiva. TM [10] [11]. This mantra is repeated verbally or mentally, drawing the mind in upon itself to Lord Shiva's infinite, all-pervasive presence. Traditionally it is repeated times a day while keeping count on a strand of rudraksha beads. This practice is called japa yoga. It is freely sung and chanted by everyone, but it is most powerful when given by one's guru. Before this initiation which is called mantra dikshathe guru will usually require a period of study.

This initiation is often part of a temple ritual, such as a pujajapahoma fire ceremonydhyana or and while smearing vibhuti. This mantra is associated with qualities of prayer, divine-love, grace, truth, and blissfulness.


When done correctly, it calms the mind and brings spiritual insight and knowledge. It also keeps the devotee close to Shiva and within His protective global fellowship. Traditionally, it is accepted to be a powerful healing mantra beneficial for all physical and mental ailments. The mantra has gained wider use outside India as a result of Siddha Yogafounded by Swami Muktanandain which it is the main mantra used for meditation and chanting.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Om Namah Shivaya disambiguation. USA: Himalayan Academy. Veda Union. Retrieved 10 October Path to Siva.According to Hindu mythology, the most powerful God is Lord Shiva is known as the destroyer of all the evil. Before the creation of this universe, there was a void of pure existence.

Om Namah Shivaya

This void made a sound which is known as Om. It is the most spiritual sound and according to Hindu mythology, Om is the beginning of the creation of the Universe. Om has all the energy of the universe inside it. Namah Shivaya is a five-syllable word which carries the whole universe.

These five components are known as the basic unit for the formation of the universe. In this world, we often get stressed about some bad situation that occurs in our life or some problem that may occur which seems to have no solution because of these things we lose our calm and patience.

Sometimes we fill our life with negativity and eventually we lose our peace of mind. We lose our track and are unable to find a way to get back to our track. Some people go into depression because of their problems and it affects their families also. Namah Shivay which holds the five components from which we have taken birth is very powerful and work magically if chanted in the right way.

Chant this mantra regularly and you will see the difference in your life. You will be more and have more patience than before. You can think of different ideas which will make your life easier and also have fewer problems because this mantra will open your mind for new things.

This mantra has the energy of Lord Shiva which will be transferred to your life. Shop Now. Mantra Latest. Search Search for: Search. Cart 0. Add to Collection Add new or search Public collection title. Private collection title.These days we are all plagued by stress, tension, depression and other mental disturbances.

We may find ourselves fearful of many uncertainties in life, and this might breed violence, aggression and instability. If you feel that these problems torment your life, read on. I shall share with you the secret to stability and happiness, and rid your life of all negativity. Should you ever find yourself scared or in trouble? Chanting this Mantra will give you protection and courage to combat the situation.

Are you excited to learn how this simple three-word chant can turn your life around? You may chant this Mantra anytime and anywhere, especially if you are in trouble or are faced with negative forces. This is the most famous of all the Mantras dedicated to Shiva because of its versatility and great power.

Chanting this Mantra is very simple, and even the novices amongst you will be able to speak it easily. You do not need to worry as you will definitely do well. I believe in your complete faith and ability to perform this chant well, and here are some instructions that will help you reap maximum benefits. Chant this Mantra to secure your peace of mind and well being!

Shiva is the lord of all planets, the merciful, and you should chant this Mantra in honour of him after meditating for some time.

This will allow you to better focus on the chant and reap benefits. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Ideal Mantra. Home Blog Articles om namah shivaya — for you daily needs.Priya P. Professor of Polymer Science and Technology and Hon. Kottayam, Kerala, India.

Traditional mantras are reported to be very effective for and safe methods. Hence the traditional knowledge of mantras should be practiced, preserved and propagated. Om Namah Shivaya is a most potent and popular mantra, which is at the heart of the Vedas and Tantra. The present study was aimed to observe beneficial effects of OM Namah Shivaya chanting for stress management in elderly women with hypertension. After recording baseline values, participants underwent practice sessions for 3 days under supervision of yoga teacher from the centre.

After the practice sessions, participants chanted Om Namah Shivaya for times by using japamala with beds at 6;30 in the morning for 40 days under supervision of yoga teacher. Participants were instructed to follow the routine diet pattern and life style and medications. Assessment of stress was performed by DASS questionnaire.

Cognitive functions were assessed by MMSE scores. We have observed significant decrease in depression, anxiety, stress scores and increase in MMSE scores followed by chanting. Though the blood pressure values were decreased, it was not statistically significant. Our study provides preliminary evidence for beneficial effects of Om Namah Shivaya chanting. We recommend further detailed studies in this area to understand role of chanting Om Namah Shivaya in stress management.

Om, na, mah, shiv, vaa, ya are the six syllables present in Om Namah Shivaya Mantra, which is one of the oldest mantras in Hinduism 1, 2. Chanting Om Namah Shivaya should be practiced in a calm, relaxed, and gently focused state, in mindfulness that the mantra is a salutation to the divine forces of life 3.

Participants: 8 elderly women aged years with stage 2 hypertension were recruited in the present study after obtaining written informed consent.

The following inclusion and exclusion criteria was used in recruiting the participants. All the participants were requested not to change their medication and life style during the study. Participants acted as self controls. Pre and post intervention scores were recorded by standard methods.



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