Kuta absolute value graphs

There are many opportunities for mistakes with absolute-value inequalities, so let's cover this topic slowly and look at some helpful pictures along the way. When we're done, I hope you will have a good picture in your head of what is going on, so you won't make some of the more common errors. Once you catch on to how these inequalities work, this stuff really isn't so bad. Absolute Value Inequalities.

This means that their absolute values will both be 2 ; that is, we have:. With this definition and picture in mind, let's look at some absolute value inequalities.

This is an inequality. Where the solution to an absolute-value equation is points like in the graphic abovethe solution to an absolute-value inequality or "inequation" is going to be intervals. In this inequality, they're asking me to find all the x -values that are less than three units away from zero in either directionso the solution is going to be the set of all the points that are less than three units away from zero. First, I'll draw a number line:.

Looking at the inequality, I see that the number 1 will work as a solution, as will —1because each of these is less than three units from zero. The number 2 will work, as will —2. But 4 will not work, and neither will —4because they are too far away from zero. Even 3 and —3 won't work though they're right on the edgebecause this is a "less than" but not equal to inequality.

However, the number 2. In other words, all the points between —3 and 3but not actually including —3 or 3will work as solutions to this inequality. So, graphically, the solution looks like this:. The open circles at the ends of the blue line indicate "up to, but not including, these points. Translating this picture into algebraic symbols, I get the following solution:. By the way, the correct conjunction for "less than" absolute-value inequalities is "and".

Because the variable is contained within one interval.

kuta absolute value graphs

The x is in the interval that satisfied both inequalities at the same time. So "and" is the correct conjuction. Since this is a "less than" absolute-value inequality, my first step is to clear the absolute value according to the "less than" pattern. Then I'll solve the linear inequality. This is the pattern for "less than". Continuing, I'll subtract 3 from all three "sides" of the inequality:. The other case for absolute value inequalities is the "greater than" case.

The solution to the given inequality will be the set of all points that are more than two units away from zero. In other words, the solution will be two separate sections : one section being all the points more than two units from zero off to the leftand the other section being all the points more than two units from zero off to the right.

The solution, in graphical terms, looks like this:. Take careful note! The solution to this "greater than" absolute-value inequality is TWO regular inequalities, not one.Test and Worksheet Generators for Math Teachers.

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kuta absolute value graphs

Create the worksheets you need with Infinite Algebra 2. Basics Order of operations Evaluating expressions Simplifying algebraic expressions. Linear Relations and Functions Review of linear equations Graphing absolute value functions Graphing linear inequalities.

General Functions Evaluating functions Function operations Inverse functions. Equations and Inequalities Multi-step equations Work word problems Distance-rate-time word problems Mixture word problems Absolute value equations Multi-step inequalities Compound inequalities Absolute value inequalities.

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All rights reserved.Our printable absolute value worksheets meticulously designed for 6th grade and 7th grade students include exercises like finding the absolute value of positive and negative integers, performing simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division involving the absolute value of real numbers and more. Begin your practice with our free worksheets.

Find the absolute value of the integers. This stock of pdf worksheets featuring integers within offers the much-needed practice for 6th grade students.

Simple Absolute Value 1. These printable handouts include questions on finding the absolute value of numbers with or without a negative sign. Challenging Absolute Value 1. Absolute Value Addition 1. Absolute Value Subtraction 1. Add or Sub 1. Absolute Value Multiplication 1.

Absolute Value Division 1. Multiply or Divide 1. With this set of printer-friendly worksheets, students are supposed to perform addition or subtraction or both the operations together on expressions involving the absolute value of numbers.

Evaluate the Value 1. This bunch of 7th grade worksheets tasks children to first evaluate the absolute value expressions and then multiply, divide and simplify them. Multiplication and Division 1. Multiplication and Division 2. Multiplication and Division 3. Our mixed review pdf worksheets provide ultimate practice in performing all the four arithmetic operations on absolute value expressions. Absolute Value Worksheet 1.

Members have exclusive facilities to download an individual worksheet, or an entire level. Login Become a Member. Evaluate Absolute Value Addition and Subtraction With this set of printer-friendly worksheets, students are supposed to perform addition or subtraction or both the operations together on expressions involving the absolute value of numbers.

Evaluate the Value 1 Evaluate the Value 2 Evaluate the Value 3 Download All Multiplication and Division This bunch of 7th grade worksheets tasks children to first evaluate the absolute value expressions and then multiply, divide and simplify them. Multiplication and Division 1 Multiplication and Division 2 Multiplication and Division 3 Download All Mixed Review Our mixed review pdf worksheets provide ultimate practice in performing all the four arithmetic operations on absolute value expressions.

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Google Classroom Facebook Twitter. Video transcript - [Instructor] So we're asked to graph f of x is equal to two times the absolute value of x plus three, plus two.

KutaSoftware: Algebra 1- Absolute Value Equations Part 2

And what they've already graphed for us, this right over here, this is the graph of y is equal to the absolute value of x. So let's do this through a series of transformations. So the next thing I wanna graph, let's see if we can graph y. Y is equal is to the absolute value of x plus three.

Absolute Value Worksheets

Now in previous videos we have talked about it. If you replace your x, with an x plus three, this is going to shift your graph to the left by three. You could view this as the same thing as y is equal to the absolute value of x minus negative three.This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.

By using this website, you agree to our Cookie Policy. Learn more Accept. Conic Sections Trigonometry. Conic Sections. Matrices Vectors. Chemical Reactions Chemical Properties. Absolute Value Equation Calculator Solve absolute value equations step-by-step. Correct Answer :. Let's Try Again :. Try to further simplify. Solving absolute value equations is somewhat tricky; it requires understanding of the absolute value property Sign In Sign in with Office Sign in with Facebook.

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kuta absolute value graphs

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kuta absolute value graphs

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Transformations of Absolute Value Functions

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