Dual shaft encoder

When industrial motion applications require detection of direction in addition to speed, quadrature encoders provide a reliable solution.

SLIM Tach HS56 Magnetic Hollow Shaft Encoder

A quadrature encoder is an incremental encoder with 2 out-of-phase output channels used in many general automation applications where sensing the direction of movement is required. Each channel provides a specific number of equally spaced pulses per revolution PPR and the direction of motion is detected by the phase relationship of one channel leading or trailing the other channel.

The code disk inside a quadrature encoder contains two tracks usually denoted Channel A and Channel B.

These tracks or channels are coded ninety electrical degrees out of phase, as indicated in the image below, and this is the key design element that will provide the quadrature encoder its functionality. In applications where direction sensing is required, a controller can determine direction of movement based on the phase relationship between Channels A and B. As illustrated in the figure below, when the quadrature encoder is rotating in a clockwise direction its signal will show Channel A leading Channel B, and the reverse will happen when the quadrature encoder rotates counterclockwise.

Quadrature encoders are used in bidirectional position sensing and length measuring applications. An error in count could occur with a single-channel encoder due to machine vibration inherent in the system. As subsequent mechanical shaft vibration forces the output back and forth across the edge the counter will up-count with each transition, even though the system is virtually stopped. By utilizing a quadrature encoder, the counter monitors the transition in its relationship to the state of the opposite channel, and can generate reliable position information.

Counting both leading and trailing edges of both channels A and B channels of a quadrature encoder will quadruple x4 the number of pulses per revolution. This technique is known as encoder and will depend on how the signal is decoded through the users drive, PLC or Controller.

As a result, 10, pulses per turn can be generated from a 2, PPR quadrature encoder. Likewise, 40, pulses can be generated from a 10, PPR quadrature encoder. By triggering on the rising and falling edges of the pulse train, we can double or quadruple the counts per revolution from the same quadrature encoder disc.

This technique can be an effective way to increase resolution without changing the code disc. However, it requires a well-behaved square wave output for effective detection. Care should be taken with choice of output driver; particularly over long cable runs or in noisy environments. The accuracy of the quadrature encoder output should also be taken into account as this will also be multiplied by the encoding factor.

Like all encoders, choosing a quadrature encoder starts with your application. If your motor has a shaft, a shafted encoder with a coupler can be used. A hollow shaft encoder is another option mounted with the motor shaft going through the encoder for more accuracy. If your motor is used in a contaminated or dirty environment or you are using a large vector motor, a bearingless or magnetic encoder will provide the most reliable feedback.Test and Development Chassis Platforms designed for lab use, product development, or demonstration applications.

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Dual output encoders

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dual shaft encoder

Usage Home Appliance Car. BusinessType dual shaft encoder suppliers. Contact Supplier. Place where strong magnet field or electric noise occurs. Place where is beyond of the rated temperature or humidity. Place where there is the direct ray of the sun. SH53 80mm 30mm hollow shaft rotary encoder optical rotary encoder.

Custom-made Incremental Shaft Encoder 24v. China length sensor GHW52 series dual shaft wheel rotary encoder. Located in Shanghai, we enjoy convenient air, water and land transportation. If you are interested in the above, please no hesitate to contact us! SA50Y8 wheel encoder 8mm dual shaft rotary encoder.

dual shaft encoder

KZ48 cone shaft 9mm hollow shaft rotary 11mm dual shaft rotary encoder. Does your product have a factory inspection9 Every product we send is strictly factory inspection. Can you provide free samples9 Regular products provide samples according to the original price. How long is your quality guarantee period9 The guarantee period for our products is one year. Diameter 50mm ABZ phase solid 11mm dual shaft rotary encoder.A rotary encoderalso called a shaft encoderis an electro-mechanical device that converts the angular position or motion of a shaft or axle to analog or digital output signals.

There are two main types of rotary encoder: absolute and incremental. The output of an absolute encoder indicates the current shaft position, making it an angle transducer. The output of an incremental encoder provides information about the motion of the shaft, which typically is processed elsewhere into information such as position, speed and distance.

Rotary encoders are used in a wide range of applications that require monitoring or control, or both, of mechanical systems, including industrial controls, roboticsphotographic lenses[2] computer input devices such as optomechanical mice and trackballscontrolled stress rheometersand rotating radar platforms. An absolute encoder maintains position information when power is removed from the encoder.

The relationship between the encoder value and the physical position of the controlled machinery is set at assembly; the system does not need to return to a calibration point to maintain position accuracy. An absolute encoder has multiple code rings with various binary weightings which provide a data word representing the absolute position of the encoder within one revolution.

This type of encoder is often referred to as a parallel absolute encoder. A multi-turn absolute rotary encoder includes additional code wheels and gears. A high-resolution wheel measures the fractional rotation, and lower-resolution geared code wheels record the number of whole revolutions of the shaft.

An incremental encoder will immediately report changes in position, which is an essential capability in some applications. However, it does not report or keep track of absolute position. As a result, the mechanical system monitored by an incremental encoder may have to be homed moved to a fixed reference point to initialize absolute position measurements. Digital absolute encoders produce a unique digital code for each distinct angle of the shaft. They come in two basic types: optical and mechanical.

A metal disc containing a set of concentric rings of openings is fixed to an insulating disc, which is rigidly fixed to the shaft. A row of sliding contacts is fixed to a stationary object so that each contact wipes against the metal disc at a different distance from the shaft.

As the disc rotates with the shaft, some of the contacts touch metal, while others fall in the gaps where the metal has been cut out. The metal sheet is connected to a source of electric currentand each contact is connected to a separate electrical sensor.

The metal pattern is designed so that each possible position of the axle creates a unique binary code in which some of the contacts are connected to the current source i. Because brush-type contacts are susceptible to wear, encoders using contacts are not common; they can be found in low-speed applications such as manual volume or tuning controls in a radio receiver. The optical encoder's disc is made of glass or plastic with transparent and opaque areas.

A light source and photo detector array reads the optical pattern that results from the disc's position at any one time. This code can be read by a controlling device, such as a microprocessor or microcontroller to determine the angle of the shaft. The absolute analog type produces a unique dual analog code that can be translated into an absolute angle of the shaft. The magnetic encoder uses a series of magnetic poles 2 or more to represent the encoder position to a magnetic sensor typically magneto-resistive or Hall Effect.

The magnetic sensor reads the magnetic pole positions. This code can be read by a controlling device, such as a microprocessor or microcontroller to determine the angle of the shaft, similar to an optical encoder.

The absolute analog type produces a unique dual analog code that can be translated into an absolute angle of the shaft by using a special algorithm [ citation needed ].

Due to the nature of recording magnetic effects, these encoders may be optimal to use in conditions where other types of encoders may fail due to dust or debris accumulation.This website uses cookies to make your experience as good as possible. By continuing to use the website, you accept the use of cookies. Learn more about cookies here. Did you know that you can use a single encoder for incremental signal speed feedback into the drive system, and simultaneously get an absolute signal for feedback directly into the fieldbus interface of your choice?

The dual outputs enable real-time data delivery into your motion control system, in accordance with your needs. The dual output solution saves space on the motor shaft or in the application, as there is need for only one encoder on the spot. Thereby, the mechanical installation takes up significantly less space, as less couplings and adapter components are needed. Furthermore, all encoder models from Leine Linde have a well thought out and compact design, which in itself saves space and makes them easy to install or retrofit.

Always reduce maintenance hassle! Leine Linde encoders are known for their performance, enduring conditions like high temperatures, moisture, vibration and shock, as well as long working hours.

Here are some of the series where dual output signals are available:. Cookies setting Ok. Compact design The dual output solution saves space on the motor shaft or in the application, as there is need for only one encoder on the spot. Reliable performance Leine Linde encoders are known for their performance, enduring conditions like high temperatures, moisture, vibration and shock, as well as long working hours. Here are some of the series where dual output signals are available: The well-tried series has dual, galvanic isolated outputs for incremental signals as an option.

Equipped with very large ball-bearings the series is made to serve a long life in operation, and the series stands up to even more extreme environments with its modular design and a high encapsulation level. These series provide options with dual outputs for both absolute and incremental signals. The magnetic series has got an option with double scanning heads to provide the connected system with redundant signals when needed.

Mounted directly on to the shaft without bearings, this encoder is close to indestructible.This application claims benefit of Application No.

A claim of priority is made. The invention relates to a dual encoder according to the preamble of claim 1. Dual encoders are input apparatuses, which allow users to enter an assigned electrical signal by turning an activation element. Here, dual encoders are characterized in that they do not only include one activation element, for instance a rotary knob or a rotary disk, but two activation elements.

Here, both activation elements are connected to a shaft being mounted so as to be rotatable. One rotation signal generator, which is able to directly or indirectly detect a turning of the shaft, is assigned to each shaft. In each instance, the two rotation signal generators then generate an electrical signal after having detected an adjusting movement at the shaft. Besides, the two shafts are equipped with one locking mechanism in each instance, which mechanism is able to lock the shafts in different rotational positions.

In this manner, the signals having been generated by the rotation signal generator can show a switchover between two locking positions by turning the shaft. For instance, but by no means exclusively, known dual encoders may be used for entering two adjusting values at an appliance, for instance the X value and the Y value in a Cartesian coordinate system, with discrete rates in each instance, with only minor adjusting movements of the hand.

From document DE 33 36 A1, a simple encoder is known, which is embodied in the manner of a rotary switch. Said encoder has a mechanical locking mechanism, which is able to fix the shaft in different locking positions.

Said mechanical locking mechanism has the disadvantage that the mechanical connections of the locking mechanism are subject to relatively high wear, due to which the locking mechanism becomes sluggish or fails completely after a certain running time.

Starting from this state of the art, it is therefore the object of the present invention to propose a novel dual encoder, whose locking mechanisms work largely without any wear for fixing the rotatable shafts in different rotational positions. Advantageous embodiments of the invention are the subject-matter of the dependent claims. The dual encoder in accordance with the invention is based on the fundamental idea that both shafts, wherein users, by hand, put in their adjusting movements at said shafts, are equipped with a magnetic locking mechanism, such that, owing to the fact that the magnetic locking mechanisms function in a noncontact fashion, no substantial wear arises at the locking mechanisms.

To be specific, this is achieved in terms of the design in that one locking ring is arranged at each of the two shafts for co-rotation, the locking rings being made of a magnetizable material. Here, radial extensions are in each instance provided at the outer circumference of the two locking rings, such that the outer circumference alternates between a maximum value at the outer end of the radial extensions and a minimum value, namely at the grooves between the radial extensions.

This changing outer circumference of the locking ring, for forming a hermetical locking mechanism, is now used in that a magnet is arranged in the housing, being opposite to the radial extensions. If a radial extension is now directly opposite to the magnet, the width of the air gap between the corresponding locking ring and the magnet is at a minimum, such that the holding force being exerted on the locking ring by the magnetic flux of the magnet assumes a maximum value.

If, in contrast, a groove of the locking ring is opposite to the magnet, the magnetic flux of the magnet drops due to the locking ring, and the holding force being exerted on the locking ring sinks to a minimum value.

In other words, this means that, due to the variation of the width of the air gap between the magnet on the one hand and the locking rings on the other hand, which variation is caused by the variation of the outer circumference of the locking ring with its radial extensions, the magnetic flux being exerted on the locking ring by the magnet can be varied owing to the change in the width of the air gap.

Due to said change in the magnetic flux and in the magnetic holding force being exerted thereby, the magnet brings about a locking of the respectively assigned shaft in the housing, the locking depending on the rotational position. In order to allow for a particularly compact construction of the dual encoder, it is particularly advantageous if the two shafts run coaxially with respect to each other.

In order to make this possible, one of the two shafts is embodied in the manner of a hollow shaft, which, with at least one roller bearing, is mounted in the housing of the dual encoder so as to be rotatable.

In said hollow shaft, the second shaft, with at least one further roller bearing, is then in turn mounted so as to be rotatable. In this manner, users are able to turn both shafts independently of each other, in order to be able to configure corresponding settings by means of the dual encoder. A particularly simple and cost-effective structure of the dual encoder results if the two locking rings present the same outer circumference with their radial extensions and if they are arranged, in the direction of the longitudinal axis of the shafts, behind each other in the housing.Add to BOM or Favorites.

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For transcripts and more see the detailed video page VID-MC - In this last video of the Motion Control series, I will wrap up by demonstrating the various linear lead screw slide moves that can be made with the move profiles that were created. Follow me to see the results!

Shaft Encoders

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dual shaft encoder

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