Chrysler abs codes list

Post a Comment. Step 1. Turn the ignition on, with the scan tool erase DTC. Caution: Make sure braking capability is available before road testing. Turn the ignition on, with the scan tool, monitor and graph all the WSS speeds and compare graph while an assistant drives the vehicle.

chrysler abs codes list

Turn the ignition off, check and adjust the right rear tire pressure. Check and adjust all other tire pressures, inspect for mismatched tires on vehicle.

Step 4. Check axle shaft fastener hardware for looseness Inspect the axle shaft fastener for looseness, and not properly fastened. Tighten fastener to proper specification as required. Was the axle shaft fastener loose? YES, repair as necessary. NO, go to step 5. Inspect the right rear WSS for looseness, excessive corrosion and not properly fastened.

Remove the right rear wheel speed sensor, inspect the right rear wheel speed sensor face for damage. Share this post. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Sponsored links. About Contact Terms Privacy Disclaimer.An ABS warning lamp that is on usually means trouble. If you are not dealing with a real problem the ABS system has self-diagnosed, you may have a "false" code that was set by some combination of circumstances.

chrysler abs codes list

Either way, you will have to pull the code to figure out what is wrong. Pulling trouble codes from an ABS system may be easy or difficult depending on the application. On early Bosch 2 ABS import systems, there are no codes. If the light is on, you have to perform pinpoint circuit tests to isolate the fault. On these systems, flash codes repeat three times. Codes will stay in memory 50 ignition cycles.

But to clear codes, you need a scan tool. The manual procedure on the GM trucks is the same as that for a passenger car, but on Ford and Dodge trucks a pigtail connector has to be grounded to make the ABS light flash. But the EBC applications do not provide manual flash codes so a scan tool is needed. Many newer ABS systems have no flash codes so you must use a scan tool to pull the codes. Most newer ABS systems also provide more sophisticated diagnostics including the ability to store snapshot data associated with a fault code, code history and the ability to take two-way inputs from a scan tool to exercise various components in the ABS system such as the solenoid valves, relays, pump motor, ABS warning lamp circuit, etc.

To diagnose these systems, you need a more sophisticated type of scan tool or a dedicated ABS tester that allows bidirectional two-way communication between the ABS module and scan tool.

This allows you to exercise the various solenoids a procedure which is often necessary to bleed the brakes on these vehiclesand to check the operation of the various components. Although a scan tool is all that is needed to read and clear fault codes on most ABS systems, fault codes alone do not fix the problem. A code only tells you the system has self-diagnosed a problem in a particular circuit or component.

It does not tell you what to replace. To fix the problem you have to refer to the step-by-step diagnostic checks in a service manual and isolate the fault by a process of elimination. Jump to conclusions and you may guess wrong. What is more, intermittent problems may not set a fault code. So if there is no code, do not assume everything is fine. You have to check the operation of the system as well as individual components to figure out what is wrong.

Point by point resistance and voltage checks can help you isolate problems with or without codes, but such tests can be very time-consuming and may not always reveal a problem. Dynamic tests are also impossible with this approach because you have no means of exercising or testing the operation of the ABS solenoids and valves.

Such components may show the correct voltage and resistance readings, but may not be functioning correctly. So some means of testing their function may be necessary for an accurate diagnosis. That is where a bi-directional scan tool or dedicated ABS tester can make a big difference.

Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) Codes

This is the first affordable tool for basic ABS diagnostic work. It reads all ABS codes for these applications, displays code definitions, and can be updated with future applications online. This tester can display codes, system data including wheel speed sensor readings, lamp and pump motor status, and valve positions, and perform functional tests for activating various ABS valves, relays and motors, and cycle the ABS solenoids when bleeding the brakes.If the system triggers an "ABS" fault light, a problem exists with the van's anti-lock braking system.

After you've fixed the problem, the light may not immediately go off. You'll need to reset the computer, or drive the vehicle for a while, to turn the light off. You can reset the "ABS" fault light by using a diagnostic scan tool, or by unhooking the van's battery. Turn the Town and Country's engine off, but leave the key in the "On" position. In this position, the cluster lights should be on.

Plug your diagnostic scan tool into the scan port beneath the steering column. After a few seconds, you'll see a notice on the tool's display screen that lets you know it is connected to the Town and Country's computer. Push the "Reset" or "Clear" button on your scan tool.

Wait for the display screen to show a confirmation, and then unplug it from the port. Turn the key off and remove it, and then reinsert it. Make sure the "ABS" fault light is turned off. Turn off the Town and Country's engine and open the hood if you don't have a diagnostic scan tool.

Lift the cover from the van's battery. Turn the nut on the black negative battery cable with pliers or a wrench to loosen it. Grasp the base of the cable and pull it away from the battery to unhook it. Wait 10 minutes, and then reconnect the battery.

This resets the computer system, including the "ABS" fault code. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Step 1 Turn the Town and Country's engine off, but leave the key in the "On" position. Step 2 Plug your diagnostic scan tool into the scan port beneath the steering column. Step 3 Push the "Reset" or "Clear" button on your scan tool.

Items you will need Automotive scan tool Pliers or wrench optional.With the PT Cruiser, a longer code seems to be used. In addition, as with all vehicles sold in the United States, the system is OBDC3 compatible, so that a standard diagnostic device can be plugged into a standard jack to get computer codes.

When some problems are found, the computer lights up the "engine light;" others are ignored until a mechanic asks for them. The "engine light" stays on when a serious emissions or engine problem is found, until the code is erased. Chrysler vehicles have a "limp in" mode which reverts to a pre-programmed "guessing map" for timing, fuel delivery, etc.

chrysler abs codes list

Those who have been in other cars when their oxygen sensor failed can feel grateful for this feature, though it can be confusing - for example, in some maybe all models, the automatic transmission is limited to second gear!

The engine light also turns itself on for two seconds every time the car is started so you will know the bulb still works. The "engine light" may shut itself off if there are no problems for three consecutive trips, or three consecutives engine misfire or fuel system tests with no problems.

It does not always work the first time. The code will show up in the odometer - thank your lucky stars for this, since the codes used to get blinked on the engine light. Another method which may in most cars just test the instrument panel is to put the key into the ignition, push down the odometer reset button, then turn the key to RUN with your finger on the button - and then release the button. The odometer will go through throughthen display the car's serial number and some other, irrelevant information, then show the error codes starting with P.


Note that this method may not work. It's easier but not necessarily better. That's the best way to do it, but not everyone wants to spend the cash on these tools.

No matter which method you use, some codes will not appear - codes specific to Chrysler such as individual transmission malfunction codes. Dealers and some specialty shops can get these using a terribly expensive scan tool. Not all codes are relevant to the PT Cruiser!

Codes may start with a "P" in your odometer. We have lots of Chrysler PT Cruiser car information. Site directory. PT Cruiser Forums. Read our terms of service. All rights reserved. Forums allpar. GT Cruiser Convertible Concepts. Code What it means.G Generator Lamp Illuminated within 5 seconds.

MAP sensor input voltage out of an acceptable range detected during reading of barometric pressure at key-on. Intake air charge temperature sensor input below the minimum acceptable voltage. Intake air charge temperature sensor input above the maximum acceptable voltage.

A rationality error has been detected in the coolant temp sensor. Engine coolant temperature sensor input below the minimum acceptable voltage. Engine coolant temperature sensor input above the maximum acceptable voltage. Throttle position sensor input below the acceptable voltage range. Throttle position sensor input above the maximum High acceptable voltage. Oxygen sensor input voltage maintained below normal operating range.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Computer Codes

Oxygen sensor input voltage sustained above normal operating range. Oxygen sensor response slower than minimum required switching frequency. Neither rich or lean condition is detected from the oxygen sensor. Oxygen sensor input voltage maintained above normal operating range. Neither rich nor lean condition is detected from the oxygen sensor. Compressed natural gas temperature sensor voltage below acceptable voltage. Compressed natural gas temperature sensor voltage above acceptable voltage.

An open or shorted condition detected in control circuit for injector 1 or the INJ 1 injector bank. An open or shorted condition detected in control circuit for injector 2 or the INJ 2 injector bank. An open or shorted condition detected in control circuit for injector 3 or the INJ 3 injector bank.Four cylinder front wheel drive automaticmiles. The Trac off and ABS lights came on when I was driving down the highway, they stay on for a while and then come back on. It does not seem to be driving any differently.

It does not go off when pushing Trac button. Do you. The fact that it does not go off means it is not an intermittent problem. Permanent problems are easier to diagnose.

Common problems are low fluid level in the master cylinder, a blown brake light fuse, often caused by a trailer wiring problem, and defective wheel speed sensors. Your mechanic will connect a hand-held computer to the system to read the diagnostic fault codes. The codes will lead him to the circuit or part of the system with the problem.

If you can provide other clues, it might speed the diagnosis and save you some money. Helpful observations include, 1 does the yellow light turn on as soon as the engine is started, and stay on? Electrical self-checks, fluid level, or pressure problems are detected.

Suspect a cracked tone ring by one of the wheels if the light stays on until you turn the ignition switch off and back on. Other electrical problems include one bad section of the brake light switch and a stuck-on parking brake light switch. The traction control is an add-on option to the ABS system. It can't work if the ABS system is not working. That is why the second light is on. Was this answer.

Brakes look good still, but the front passenger tire ribs on I do not know what, the front bumper is hanging by a thread and when accelerating in third and fourth gear it is a stick.

It wobbles real bad. The tires are new. Oh yeah it is a PT Cruiser.Note: Allpar does not take responsibility for the veracity of any information or opinions here, does not claim expertise, and is not responsible for any consequences. Please proceed at your own risk.


Cars by name Trucks and Jeeps. Link: How to get the codes if the following instructions don't work. The odometer will show the P-code. A code P shows that the memory has been cleared recently and is not necessarily a problem.

More instructions and other code lists. Few Chrysler vehicles use an MAF. MAP sensors have a tendency to fail without setting codes. We strive for accuracy but we are not necessarily experts or authorities on the subject.

Neither the author nor Allpar. By reading further, you release the author and Allpar, LLC from any liability. Spread the word via Facebook!

chrysler abs codes list

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P - There's a problem in the manifold tuning valve solenoid control circuit. P - Compressed natural gas system pressure is too high P - The heated air intake sensor does not seem to be working P - Natural gas pressure sensor issue too high P - Natural gas pressure sensor issue too low P - Can't get to target engine speed, check for vacuum leaks and idle speed motor issues.

P - The throttle position sensor doesn't seem to be getting enough electricity. P - The MAP sensor doesn't seem to be getting enough electricity. P - The MAP sensor doesn't change its reading when the engine is running! P - During wide-open throttle, the engine runs lean.



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