Apple music playlist disappeared

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I've recently subscribed to apple music about 10 days ago, and have just noticed that my playlist are missing a lot of songs, some are empty, and some playlists are gone.

These are playlist I created over the years before apple music I have deselected the "iCloud Music Library" in preferences, quit out of iTunes, and then relaunched iTunes, selected the "iCloud Music Library" back again the song upload process to apple took 3 days with my slow internet and I still have empty playlists, no change.

I have also repeated the steps but shutting down the computer as well, so basically deselected the "iCloud Music Library" in preferences, quit out of iTunes, restarted computer, relaunched iTunes, selected the "iCloud Music Library" in preferences again and no change, NADA While the playlists are disrupted all my music files seem to be intact, I hope, I do have well over songs in my library and it's hard to keep track of all….

Posted on Mar 24, PM. Mar 25, AM in response to mjburrowes In response to mjburrowes. I suggest that you check the iCloud status of your music. Mar 25, AM. Not smart playlists, manually created carefully selecting songs, drag and drop kind a process that takes time and love As an example Latin music has many genres, but apple would classify most songs under "latin" or "world" music, I have manually changed and renamed genres in my library. Some albums in my library come from digitizing CDs some very old ones, Jazz, Blues, not just Latin, and in many cases I actually had to manually input song and artist info.

My playlists have had a little of everything, songs purchased from apple, and others from CDs etc I have been using Spotify for years now, so if genre classification is better these days I will find out soon. Mar 25, PM. Page content loaded. My computer is authorized to play this songs legit songs It does not seem like iCloud music is processing anything else on iTunes at this point, as far as I know all songs in my library have been "processed" Mar 25, PM in response to mjburrowes In response to mjburrowes.

Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: mjburrowes mjburrowes. Apple Music Speciality level out of ten: 0. Question: Q: Question: Q: Missing songs from my iTunes playlist after subscribing to Apple Music Hi, I've recently subscribed to apple music about 10 days ago, and have just noticed that my playlist are missing a lot of songs, some are empty, and some playlists are gone. While the playlists are disrupted all my music files seem to be intact, I hope, I do have well over songs in my library and it's hard to keep track of all… Any other methods that can help?

Thanks -m.Entertainment iPhone and iPad Mac. Here's how to resolve iCloud syncing issues and get it working again.

What happened to iTunes?

Read More. Here are some of the best tricks for making the most of your tunes. Together these two things can result in a perfect storm of issues, ranging from Apple deleting all your music to empty playlists and duplicate songs.

Apple Music deleted my physical songs. It happened to me. I knew it was a possibility. Shame on me and my ignorance. The moral of the story? Back up your Mac regularly. Apple includes its own Time Machine backup feature that makes it easy to back up your computer to external drives, How to Partition Your External Time Machine Hard Drive Here's how to partition an external hard drive for Time Machine on your Mac so you can store other files too.

Read More for this task if you really want. Use our simple tips and never despair over lost data again! Read More — use them! Of course. Here are the best paid and free options for listening to music on iOS. Apple Music deleted my entire library and I've never been more upset about something in my life. If you too have let your Apple Music subscription slide and would like to get everything back, you might not have access to an old device running outdated software to make the process smoother.

One of its best features is the ability to export your library to a.To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

I had been building up a major playlist on AppleMusic on my iPhone. I did a manual Sync with my iPhone plugged into my Mac and when the Sync was finished, my playlist was gone from my phone. I'm ready to give up trying to use Apple Music. All of the songs are still appearing in My Music, but the playlist is gone. Is there any way to retrieve it?

apple music playlist disappeared

Posted on Jul 28, AM. Aug 2, PM in response to mistercripps In response to mistercripps. I had issues where music and playlist were missing. All my playlist and missing music from iTunes Match were back on my iPhone 6.

iTunes Playlist Disappeared-Top 3 Ways to Restore iTunes Playlists

Aug 2, PM. Page content loaded. Jul 29, PM in response to mistercripps In response to mistercripps. Jul 29, PM. Im about done too! My playlist are gone after I've been redoing ALL my playlist from Spotify because apple didn't give anyone an easy way to transfer. Last week the server was down and I could not play anything. This week it froze non stop. Today my playlist are gone.

I'm done. They could have had a great app. They need better developers.

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This happened to me out of nowhere. I got a pop up on my iPhone screen that I needed to turn on iCloud Music. Once I did that, my playlist came back. Jul 30, AM in response to mistercripps In response to mistercripps.Is there a way to restore my Apple Music library? Please help. There are many reasons which may cause your Apple Music songs missing such as system update, you delete them by accident or some files corrupted. But don't worry.

apple music playlist disappeared

No matter how they were lost, you can restore the Apple Music playlist if you have already backup it to the iCloud music library. Generally, if you turned on the iCloud Music Library, all the playlists or songs you listening on the local devices will be uploaded to the iCloud. If you have miss the files, you can simply turn on the iCloud to get the library back.

The instruction is same for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Here I will take the iPhone X to show you how to do that. It there is no other music on your device, the songs and playlists from the iCloud Music Library will be downloaded to your device immediately.

Else you can choose to keep music or replace. If you'd like to restore Apple Music playlists on your computer, you can follow this tips to turn on iCloud from iTunes. Besides, you can also sync the Apple Music playlists to your other devices such as Apple TV, Android phones and so on.

It is much more easy. You just need to sign in the same Apple Music ID and password. Your Apple Music playlists can be super precious because you have spent much time and energy on creating them. Normally you can get them back from iCloud after losing them. But sometimes what if you haven't backed up them yet or you don't have access to iCloud Music Library any more?

Well, that would be very frustrated just thinking about that. To prevent all your Apple Music songs and playlists from missing, you can also back up them offline forever.The more frequently you use Apple Music, the more possible you'll meet some unexpected issues of the service. Although it has already become the no. For instance, you may suddenly find that all of the playlists are disappeared from your Apple Music library without any warning.

No matter how you sign in and out Apple Music, it's impossible to restore the deleted playlists. However, you can still access those playlists in iTunes on computer. To solve such problem, you are suggested to try the following troubleshooting tips, with which you'll be able to reload the deleted Apple Music songs and playlistsas well as to prevent your Apple Music from disappearing again.

Most of the time, when Apple Music deletes your library, there might be something wrong with iCloud Music Library, the feature that allows you to sync and share all the streaming music tracks from Apple Music and iTunes between all devices. Specifically, once you enabled iCloud Music Library, Apple will scan your music and replace the songs with its own versions, and then upload anything it doesn't know to its servers. The following guide will show you how to turn on iCloud Music Library on iPhone step by step.

Then it will merge and replace the deleted Apple Music songs or playlists with your music that's already in iCloud. Therefore, you'll be able to access the disappearing library from Apple Music again. Note: To avoid Apple Music deleting your songs in the future, you are highly suggested to disable iCloud Music Library after getting back the lost playlists. In addition to turning off iCloud Music Library, there's a better way that can also help you keeping all Apple Music playlists in your library permanently without being deleted again.

Disappeared - Without You

Once the DRM is deleted from your music, you'll be able to keep all the songs and playlists in Apple Music library, even if you unsubscribe the service later. Adam Gorden is an experienced writer of TunesKit who is obsessed about tech, movie and software. Toggle navigation Products. Download Download.

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apple music playlist disappeared

All Rights Reserved.After updating to iOS 13 or iOS In the following section, we will offer a guide on how to fix this problem. The speed you operate everything on your iOS device is much faster than ever, like launching a camera or typing with the keyboard.

You can FaceTime with up to 30 people at once. You can share your best photos in a new way. But each update will bring some unpredictable bugs. Some iPhone users found that their music disappeared from iPhone after iOS update. How to fix this problem? In the following guide, we will share with you 6 ways to help you work out this problem.

And wait for your iPhone to restart. Remember not to hold both the Power Button and Home Button and release them immediately, or you just create a screenshot. The junk files may take up your storage space and may lead to your music loss.

So please make sure to clean up the junk files in your iPhone to free up your iPhone storage space and see if your music comes back. And sometimes, updating may cause the Cloud Music Library to be turned off automatically.

How to recover the disappearing music from iPhone after iOS update? With the help of it, you can easily get your disappearing music back. Following are some extraordinary features:. Just free download it on your computer and follow the steps to recover disappearing music from iPhone after iOS 13 or iOS Free Download.

As mentioned above, we have already offered you 6 ways to fix music disappeared from iPhone after iOS 13 or iOS You can choose any one of them depending on your preference.

Like sharing something about data recovering knowledge and apps. Product-related questions? Get Them Back Here. Tom Boyer Last Updated: Mar.

apple music playlist disappeared

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