Alstom rtu c264

Visit our media section and follow the link "Press contacts". Alstom has created the DAP IO modules for the modernization of electrical utilities substation automationprimary equipment monitoring and distributed automation. DAP IO modules provide the fastest, most cost-effective and risk adverse solution to modernizing legacy IO modules while maintaining the investment already made into wiring, RTU cabinets and engineering. A: No. Customers looking for an inter-operable solution to upgrade their legacy IO modules can take full advantage of the DAP IO product line.

A: Upgrading products dating back 20 years introduces too many risks. The best approach was to design a solution that would completely replace both the old modules.

A: Actually, no. A: There are methods available to the user to quickly import the legacy RTU database configuration into the DAP database, therefore saving on configuration time. Hit the key enter to validate. Press Contacts Visit our media section and follow the link "Press contacts". JPG Alstom has created the DAP IO modules for the modernization of electrical utilities substation automationprimary equipment monitoring and distributed automation. Customers looking for an inter-operable solution to upgrade their legacy IO modules can take full advantage of the DAP IO product line Q: Does Alstom provide direct replacement solutions for different legacy IO models?

Q: Why not reuse the old termination boards to completely avoid lifting wires? Your journey with Alstom continues here.Alstom's C substation controller is a sophisticated solution supporting many applications and functions for substation control, communication, monitoring, protection and automation.

Seamless modernisation of existing installations The C provides seamless integration with existing substation assets, thanks to its flexible interfaces and native expandability. Its powerful processing, communication and configuration facilities make it the ideal tool for upgrading substation supervision, automation and maintenance.

Optimised engineering The multifunctional capabilities of the C optimise system engineering as fewer devices result in less wiring, training and maintenance. The function limited to one bay A topology based method, using changing transformer. It is able to close the breaker. Locking and coupling best security of operation. Interlocking manage one transformer or up to four modes are available and a deadline and conditions are graphically displayed in order transformers in parallel.

Active and reactive compounding in order One of the main features of the C is to to maintain the voltage at a remote location concentrate and process data. This Homing in order to adjust a transformer to information can come from a variety of the voltage of the busbar to which it will be sources, both analogue and digital.

The disturbance records, settings, etc. Up to four auto- order to ensure full consistency of the the continuity of the trip circuit of a circuit reclosing cycles are available and the time information, as well as allowing it to be re- breaker. Two options are available: two delay for each is independently configurable. The two-wire option Auto reclosers can be initiated either verifies the trip circuit continuity when the internally in the bay unit or via external circuit breaker is closed.

The four-wire option permits verification of the continuity whether the CB is open or closed. In the case of single phase circuit breakers the C can supervise the continuity of the trip circuit separately for each phase.

MiCOM C264

Benefiting from accurate time synchronisation, maintenance over Ethernet and an expandable architecture, the SOE function is able to locally store and print up to time stamped events with a 1ms resolution. The most recent events can be viewed on the local LCD screen.

It also offers printer status monitoring. Feeder protection and control The MiCOM C provides feeder management functionality through an optional independent dedicated module, hosting powerful protection and automation functions. An efficient one box solution for HV and MV applications such as:. MV feeder lines, Overhead lines and underground cables back-up protection on HV systems Insulated, solid or resistance earthed and Petersen coil earthed neutral system, Industry, Transport Generator and transformer schemes.

In the event of a supply communication network. The avoid the loss of critical functions. Many information synchronised or non-synchronised circuit different values can be calculated from the Logical combination of digital inputs breakers, transformers, disconnectors and measured values including: earthing switches. The SBO many selection, RMS currents and voltages All inputs are acquired and time-stamped execution, and de-selection control Network frequency and phase angle with an accuracy of 1 ms.

These values Undefined state filtering can represent data such as process measurements and tap positions. Additionally a digital input can be manually suppressed, substituted, forced invalid and detected as faulty. Digital inputs can then be transmitted on the substation LAN using the desired protocol. It is directly accessible with a and intuitive way via up to 12 switchable RMS measurements over a longer period. Additionally there Both modes can run simultaneously.

Such applications can be based on local or remote data.

alstom rtu c264

Similarly the outputs can Event logging Power quality perform local or remote actions. Up to 2, events can be stored in non- Alstom's C can measure the percentage Programmable logic can be implemented in volatile memory. PSL is for fast currents.Visit our media section and follow the link "Press contacts". Under the project, Alstom will build in Colombo a new control centre the National System Control Centre, equipped with supervisory control, data acquisition, and energy management system.

It will install and integrate 34 Remote Terminal Units RTU with the new system and integrate existing substation automation. Equipment will be manufactured from Alstoms Noida manufacturing facilities in India. RTUs are intelligent devices that collect data from remote locations to enhance network visibility for grid operators.

This prestigious project will witness the introduction of smart technologies in the Sri Lankan transmission grid. This project will help CEB improve grid stability, including support for integration of renewable energy, such as wind and solar, into the national grid. This is Sri Lankas first energy management system project for grid monitoring, stability and control. Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure and sets the benchmark for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies.

Alstom builds the fastest train and the highest capacity automated metro in the world, provides turnkey integrated power plant solutions and associated services for a wide variety of energy sources, including hydro, nuclear, gas, coal and wind, and it offers a wide range of solutions for power transmission, with a focus on smart grids. The Group employs 93, people in around countries. It had sales of over 20 billion and booked It has over years of expertise in building the transmission infrastructure for the country.

Alstom has a strong portfolio of products, solutions and services, comprising the entire range of transmission equipment up to Extra and Ultra High Voltages kV and beyond including air-insulated switchgear AIS and locally manufactured power transformers and gas-insulated switchgear GIS. It also provides power electronics solutions HVDC, FACTS to create super highways and offers highly advanced power management Smart Grid solutions for transmission and distribution including renewable energies integration.

Websites: www. Hit the key enter to validate. Press Contacts Visit our media section and follow the link "Press contacts". Your journey with Alstom continues here.The C provides seamless integration with existing substation assets, thanks to its flexible interfaces and native expandability. Its powerful processing, communication and configuration facilities make it the ideal tool for upgrading substation supervision, automation and maintenance. The multifunctional capabilities of the C optimize system engineering, as fewer devices result in less wiring, training and maintenance.

Contact Sales. About Grid Solutions Grid Solutions, a GE Renewable Energy business, serves customers globally with over 15, employees in approximately 70 countries. With decades of expertise, Grid Solutions helps utilities and the industry at large effectively manage electricity from the point of generation to the point of consumption, ensuring the reliability, efficiency and security of the grid.

Grid Solutions is focused on bringing together technologies and decades of expertise to help solve the toughest power system challenges, accelerating the global transition to a greener, more resilient and reliable grid. Substation Automation Systems.

Substation Controllers. Technical Support. GSA Schedule. Support Documents. Key benefits: Flexible, modular, expandable design that supports many applications Suitable for retrofitting and modernizing existing installations Provides legacy and cutting edge communication interfaces LCD graphical display for user-friendly local control, monitoring and maintenance Proven solution with more than 30, units installed worldwide Seamless modernization of existing installations The C provides seamless integration with existing substation assets, thanks to its flexible interfaces and native expandability.

Optimized engineering The multifunctional capabilities of the C optimize system engineering, as fewer devices result in less wiring, training and maintenance.We noticed several tourists with the Nordic Visitor bag of goodies and we understand why. Very professional and courteous service. Thank you for helping us make beautiful memories in Iceland. Grant, United States Iceland Full Circle, August 2015 All of the guesthouses provided pleasant, excellent services.

Nithi, Hong Kong SAR Iceland Full Circle, August 2015 Fantastic experience and thank you very much for helping out. Noreha, Malaysia Iceland Full Circle, August 2015 Everything was great, the hotels, food and tours were all good. Thank you Hafdis and Nordic Visitor :) Jen, Italy Iceland Full Circle, August 2015 It was a fabulous trip. Will definately be recommending Nordic to others and hopefully I will book another trip with you again sometime :) Kim and Danny, Bermuda Iceland Full Circle, August 2015 I was a little nervous about using a tour company, but when my wife informed me that it was a self-drive tour, I was okay.

Jose, Netherlands The Natural Wonders of Iceland, August 2015 Congratulations for the entire team of Nordic Visitor. Brandon Anderson, United States Island Hopping - Iceland and Greenland, August 2015 The service from your company was extraordinary.

Daniel, Ireland The Norwegian Highlights, August 2015 We had a really great time.

alstom rtu c264

Sue, Australia The Natural Wonders of Iceland, August 2015 We have recently completed the 9 day Natural Wonders of Iceland Tour with Nordic visitor and were very happy with our tour. Chris, Canada Iceland 4x4 Highland Adventure, July 2015 Travelled via the planning services of Nordic Visitor 15Jul23-15Aug05.

Barbara, United States Midnight Sun City Break, July 2015 Knowing nothing of Iceland and traveling with a 13-year-old, I contacted Nordic Visitor and asked them to help me. Andrew Golden Circle and South Coast, July 2015 Thanks to Nordic Visitor, Iceland was a wonderful place for a 5 day break. Lucky Icelanders to have such a beautiful and otherworldly country. I really can't praise them enough.

Have no doubt, this company really do offer top notch service for a good price. David, United States Ultimate Journey of Norway, July 2015 My wife and I have traveled extensively all over the world and worked with many different agencies and tour providers.

Kathy, United States Scenic Fjords of Norway, July 2015 Travel from stations to hotel was quite easy.

C264 Brochure

Clive, Australia Norway Explorer, July 2015 The service we received from Nordic Visitor was excellent. Everlyn, United Kingdom Fjord Tour with Pulpit Rock, July 2015 We loved the country of Norway - the scenery, the friendly people, the efficient public transport, the cleanliness - and would love to return some day, maybe to see the Northern Lights.

Roderick, South Africa Nordic Odyssey, July 2015 Thank you very much to Sirry for organising everything for us. Gina, United States Golden Route of the Nordic Countries, July 2015 Sofia was very helpful.

alstom rtu c264

Linda, United States Custom Booking, July 2015 Sofia was very kind and patient about my MANY questions to her via e-mail. Janelle, United States Iceland Full Circle, July 2015 Everything went smooth. Randy, United States Iceland Complete, July 2015 Nordic Visitor was extremely professional and thorough in preparing us for our 14-day, self guided tour. Nikho, United States South Iceland at Leisure, July 2015 The tour and accommodations were very good from start to finish.

William, United States The Natural Wonders of Iceland, July 2015 Everyone, and I mean everyone, everywhere, were simply delightful. I was traveling with my wife and four friends. All were delighted with the experience Martena, United States Express Iceland, July 2015 Larus put together the perfect itinerary, including different kinds of hotels (modern, rustic, farm, historic). Sarah, United Kingdom Pearls of the South and West, July 2015 I would highly recommend Nordic Visitor to any potential clients.

Tracy, United States The Natural Wonders of Iceland, June 2015 This is the first time I booked a trip solely based on internet research and not based on a referral from a friend or other trusted source.We were all impressed with the quality and quantity of information that we received once we booked the self-drive package.

Yet we were blown away by the packets of info we received when we arrived. Nordic Visitor provided a printed copy of the day-by-day itinerary and the site highlights book they had emailed us. They had a voucher for all of our package features (rental car, accommodations, airport transfer) so all we did at each location was hand them a voucher - so easy. The cell phone had Nordic Visitor saved in the contacts.

The GPS had the key sites and some of the hotels already loaded. The road map of Iceland was color coded and the location of each accommodation was circled with the name and date of check-in written in. There was a book with details of every city and site with driving info. They thought of every detail so we d chengelh34, United States Express Iceland, May 2013 A great self-drive circle of Iceland with Nordic Visitor. We would highly recommend the self-drive trip around the Ring Road as arranged by Nordic Visitor.

The country is spectacular!. It was easy for us because all the accommodations were arranged and were great. There was a detailed itinerary and information, back-up systems if needed, and quick and thorough service from Hilmar in the office. I would love to have taken 2 weeks instead of one to really absorb the country but what we experienced in beauty, natural phenomenon, and nice people made for a terrific vacation. I have enough history and geology to think about to last for a long time.

From the moment of booking to our return flight NV and Alexandra made the whole trip a once in a lifetime experience. Even the weather was perfect although I'm not sure they had anything to do about that. The booking process was simple and clearly explained everything we were booking and the extra options available. Our hotel preferences were almost perfectly met and the one choice we couldn't get in (Ranga) was substituted with Hotel Anna, which was the gem of all the lovely hotels we stayed in.

Alexandra worked so hard to meet our requests and got upgrades where possible, adding welcome luxury to our tour. The standard sights (Reykjavik, Gulfoss, Geysir, Blue Lagoon) have to be done - all are very memorable.

What really stood out though were the days we toured the south of the island. Walking behind a waterfall at Skogafoss, driving through incredible ever-changing landscapes with glaciers within touching distance, black beaches and whale-watching at Vik, snowmobiling on a volcano, glacier-walking, Watching seals swim in beautiful Jokulsalon in the middle of a blizzard and an hour later climbing a waterfall in warm sunshine.

A truly unbelievable place. Speci C S, Australia Icehotel Winter Adventure, February 2013 Friendly efficient and very helpful We would like to say that our consultant Cecilia Markov was fantastic, we travel widely and she is the best consultant we have dealt with, friendly efficient and very helpful.

Just got back from a brilliant week in Iceland courtesy of Larus at Nordic Visitor who sorted 5 great hotels over 6 nights and the ideal vehicle in a Ford Kuga 4WD. Also the pickup from the airport was great as was the level of printed info handed to us by our driver. Will use these guys next time we visit the Nordic countries as great value Fantastic communication and organisation by our agent.

He was prompt and helpful when dealing with all of our enquiries. By far the best company we have had the pleasure of booking with.Where will all the people come from to run these rigs to bring back this oil production. Many have left the industry, some will flock back, but not all.

I do not see the rig count in the US going over 1000 for a very long time, if ever again. The pundit class never seems to be interested in talking about how accurate they have been, and that's not aimed at you personally Ms. Craig Ferrell on December 23 2016 said: Thanks Phil. Couldn't fit in previous comment field the aspect of financing. Banks review borrowing base twice a year, and cut back last fall based on lower prices. By the time they re-evaluate in spring with higher bases and presumably more ability to spend on capex, the 1st round of OPEC cuts will already be in the books.

It will take a bit longer than assumed, and thus higher oil prices. James kaiser on December 23 2016 said: I agree with Craig and Phil. The big thing Oil Shale requires is CAPEX. You have to spend big money to make big money. They either have to make the money or borrow it. They can't produce enough to drill, and banks aren't going to lend them money OR they're already extended their credit to the limit.

Also, companies are inherently conservative. The industry might be short sited at times, but it's still runs to make a profit, and until there's enough revenue and cash flow coming back OUT of oil shales, banks and company executives will hesitate to or won't be able to spend like it's 2014. As in the past the abusers will go all the way. Alex on December 29 2016 said: I would not rely too much on rig count considering new technology of horizontal drilling. Plus, there are a lot of wells that have been drilled, and now require frac jobs with lower than drilling costs.

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alstom rtu c264

Next Post Oilfield Services To See Spending Surge In 2017 Tsvetana Paraskova Tsvetana is a writer for the U. Merchant of Record: A Media Solutions trading as Oilprice.

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